April 24, 2023

#1 - IKEA girl (Part II)

She took off her shoes and socks and started looking around curiously. She saw a weighing scale and stood on it "OMG, I lost weight". 

I had few gym equipment at home including a bench press and two dumbbells. She leaned down and grab one of them. I got a very good view of her round ass and massive hips. I came from behind her and placed my hand on her lower back "give it a try. "Ah!" she pulled back slightly when she felt my hand.  I laughed and took my hand back. Surprisingly she managed to lift the 15kg dumbbell of the ground for about a meter or so.

"Come, wanna see my balcony". We walked into the balcony and we chatted a bit and as I was doing so, I placed my hand on her lower back, and caress her smooth skin. 

I tried to kiss her on her nick but she pulled back. I tried to escalate while were were standing there but she wasn't given it easy. I was cool and just laughing it off whenever I fail.

I brought her to the coach and we set there chatting for a while, she seemed very tired or sleepy or too horny, I couldn't tell. She started warming up and letting me touch her more. I reached to kiss her on her nick and this time she let me.

Moved my head up to kiss her on her lips, she moved her head away to the right. This time I grab her gently by her jaw, pulled her head towards me and kiss her on her tiny lips. She didn't resist. Her lips were so soft and warm and it felt like kissing a rose.

Her breathing increased. Her heart rate start raising. She is starting to get very very wet. She moved her head away, and said in a weak soft voice "it's been a long time". "It's OK" I told her reassuringly. I meant it.

I was caressing her back with my right hand and moving my left hand on up her thighs. Then I went for it, I slipped my hand under her jeans from the back and moved passed her ass and touched her pussy.  It was like a pool down there. "NO!" she screamed. I took my hand out quickly and laugh. "Sorry". 

I took her to the bed, and started taking her clothes off, I was only able to remove her bra. She placed her arms around her breast covering them. Then she lie on her stomach. "I feel soar. Can you massage me". "sure" I said. I started massaging her bare back. It wasn't long before she fell a sleep on me.

"Nana?" I said few times. But she was out. I grabbed on one of my blankets and covered her. I was surprisingly patient and didn't want to escalate any further. I walked to fridge, grabbed 2 cans of Guinness and set on the couch for about an hour, watching stuff on Youtube and enjoying my drinks.

Then I heard hear moving around on the bed, and turned around and saw her sitting. She removed her jeans and was down to her pink panty. She was still covering her breasts with her right arm.

"Why you removed your jeans?" I said laughingly. "It's bit hot" she said. Then she stood up and grabbed the AC remote control and played with the settings, before returning to bed.

I put my phone down and jumped on the bed with her. I resumed my escalation. I put my hand on her stomach and move it down to her thighs and kept on caressing her all over. Then I slided my hand down to her panties and down between her legs. "No stop" she said, she was so damn wet as if she peed her self. I started rubbing against her clit through her panties.  She started moaning and her hips was going up and down like some one possessed. I could feel her enlarged hungry clit under the thin garment.

And then after few minutes of rubbing her pussy, "FUCK IT!" she said "I don't care any more". Then she toke off her panty spread her legs wide for me. I put my middle and right finger deep in her wet pussy and started fingering her for about 3 minutes. While at it, she was moving her hip up and down and I could feel her pushing her guts choking my fingers as I went in and out of her.

She orgasmed. I slowed down and slowly took out my fingers. I looked down on the bed sheet and it was an ocean of her juice. "Sorry, you will need to change your bed sheet" she laughed.

I let her rest for few minutes.

Then It was my turn.

I took off my pant, put on a condom and started fucking her. 2 minutes in, I started getting soft. Thanks to the damn alcohol. But then I though to myself. She was resisting my for 3 hours, and now my cock got fed up lol. 

I took off the condom and started wanking, trying to get hard. She noticed and started helping. She leaned forward, took my cock in her hand and starting blowing me with her tiny mouth. She wasn't good at it as her teeth was doing half the work. It was a bit painful. 

Final, I got hard again. I leaned on top of her, put my cock back where it belongs and resumed fucking her. This time it stayed hard and she was enjoying it.

After about 3 minutes of missionary sex. She sudden grabbed my neck pull me to my back and climb on top of me. She took my cock and started riding me very hard. She looked 10% hotter from down. Her face was full of lust and pleasure as she kept grinding. 

Then as she was orgasming and in the heat of the moment, she... well... passed some wind.

She kept at it as if nothing happen. I grabbed her and climb on top of her. She turned around and she placed herself in a doggy style posture. Her hips was so wide relative to her slim body. And the way she was arching her back towards me made it look even wider. 

I grabbed her hips with both of my hands and started fucking her like an animal. She was so wet my cock kept on slipping out before it stabilized.

As I started to climax, she surprisingly felt it coming and she pushed me with her right hand. I took out my cock and finished on her back.

We laid down for a while before I stood up to take a shower. As asked if she wanna go first. She declined, grabbed the sheet and fell asleep.

Her phone ring around 6 am.  I woke her up as she shift was starting at noon. We put on our clothes and I walked her to her car, gave her a hug and returned home.

P.S I slept with her again 3 weeks later after she had a fight with her ex-husband. But that time, it was a smooth sail.

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