July 15, 2023

The Daygame Goals That Led Me To Nowhere

I don't know why I didn't get much result in the past year. But one thing I know for sure is that I took the fun out of gaming.

By focusing on the wrong things... numbers, stats, commitments, habits, etc

Thanks to too much indulgence in theory and self-help materials.

I thought that I was doing the game because I would suffer if I didn't, or I'll end up lonely. And because of that, I came up with many systematic ways to improve my game progress like trying to game for 30 days straight.

But in all of those attempts, the goals were changing (when they prove not really effective), one time it was to approach just 1 girl a day for everyday, another time was to establish habit first, another time was to get at least 1 number a day. 

But in reality, all of those goals weren't really what I wanted, they were just steps along the way. 

And when I achieve them, I felt better, but I was still not satisfied, not fulfilled. 

Because... what I really wanted is that climactic moment, when my cock in my hand, and my cum all over the face of a girl I worked really hard to get. 

Or that moment when my cock deep inside another one's ass, with my sperms swimming inside her guts. 

I wanted SEX, an earned one.

I wanted to chase girls, to flirt with them, to get rejected, and enjoy the process.

I wanted to fight through challenges like anxiety, procrastination, other commitment and rise victorious 

I wanted to connect with women in ways that would be impossible if I was her friend or colleague.

I wanted to go out there wearing my polo shirt, old sneakers, and chase hot girls left and right.

I wanted to have zero shame in going after what I want.

I wanted to have zero regret in getting what I want.

I wanted to chase women for as long as I'm alive.

And I still do... because I'm a man.

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