November 24, 2023

#2 - The Adorable Chinese

I met May in 2022, back when I was doing a nonstop daily game streak. She was average looking Chinese girl with a very good vibe and and a charming smile that radiated through her mask. 

When I approached her in a mall somewhere in PJ, and told her "she look lovely", she blushed and responded with a friendly "Thank you". Like any of my other sets, we chatted about several things, mainly work and travelling. She told me she was studying in Taiwan for 4 years, and return home last month... 

I grabbed the opportunity to talk about Taiwan, a country I've never been to yet, and asked her whether she tried Stinky Tofu, a famous snack that smells like piss and commonly sold in night markets. She said her friends tried it but she herself is not into exotic food. I shared my own story of my last visit to Thailand, and how I rejected my brother's offer of a dried scorpion, which he eat in front of me as if it's a potato chips while taking a selfie on snap. She laughed. 

Once I was satisfied with her level of engagement in the conersation, I proceeded to closing and asked if she would like to go for coffee another day. She agreed so I asked her for her number. She asked me if I use Wechat, I told her a I don't. Then she just gave me her number.

Later i learned that in Tawian, WeChat is more popular than Tinder and it's almost exclusively used for dating and hook ups.

Day 2

I texted her the following evening:

22/03/2022, 8:09 pm - Isaac: Hi

22/03/2022, 8:31 pm - May: STK-20220322-WA0000.webp (file attached)

22/03/2022, 8:36 pm - Isaac: Nice profile pic. U look twice as lovely without the mask :)

         (I started using this line during Covid times when everyone was masked up. It was relatable and quite effective, so I pretty much used it on every girl that had a photo of herself (without a mask)

22/03/2022, 8:43 pm - May: Awu 🤭thank you

22/03/2022, 8:44 pm - May: Just photo and make up hahaha

22/03/2022, 8:50 pm - Isaac: Lol

22/03/2022, 8:50 pm - Isaac: How is ur day?

22/03/2022, 8:50 pm - May: Boring hahhaha

22/03/2022, 8:51 pm - May: How bout u?

22/03/2022, 8:57 pm - Isaac: Not bad. I was struggling to look for / buy flowers for my sister's convo tomorrow

22/03/2022, 8:59 pm - Isaac: Im so ignorant about flowers lol. But managed to buy some

22/03/2022, 9:01 pm - May: Haven't get any flowers yet?

22/03/2022, 9:03 pm - Isaac: I got them already

22/03/2022, 9:03 pm - Isaac: Bit expensive though, rm 60

22/03/2022, 9:04 pm - May: Wow where you buy it?

22/03/2022, 9:07 pm - Isaac: You wouldnt believe lol

22/03/2022, 9:07 pm - Isaac: They r selling them on the road near my sister's uni

22/03/2022, 9:08 pm - Isaac: Found them by accident as i was drive there

22/03/2022, 9:09 pm - May: Whatt hahahha

22/03/2022, 9:09 pm - May: must be the uni having graduation

22/03/2022, 9:12 pm - Isaac: Correct

22/03/2022, 9:15 pm - Isaac: U working from home these days or at office?

22/03/2022, 9:18 pm - May: I start going office this Thurs

22/03/2022, 9:25 pm - Isaac: I see

22/03/2022, 9:26 pm - Isaac: If u don't have plans tomorrw evening, would u like to go for drinks?

22/03/2022, 9:32 pm - May: This message was deleted

22/03/2022, 9:33 pm - May: Well...why not😉

22/03/2022, 9:35 pm - Isaac: Alrighty

22/03/2022, 9:36 pm - Isaac: 7:30?

22/03/2022, 9:38 pm - May: Ermm...a bit too late for me...

22/03/2022, 9:38 pm - May: Gonna reach home for dinner that time

22/03/2022, 9:38 pm - May: Maybe earlier?

22/03/2022, 9:41 pm - Isaac: How about 6:30?

22/03/2022, 9:41 pm - May: Can

22/03/2022, 9:42 pm - May: Where we meet?

22/03/2022, 9:42 pm - Isaac: [location]

22/03/2022, 9:43 pm - May: Okay

22/03/2022, 9:56 pm - Isaac: See u tomorrow :). Nite!

22/03/2022, 9:57 pm - May: See you☺️

23/03/2022, 6:14 pm - May: hi sorry, I might be a little late because I need to bring dinner to my aunt first🙇🏻‍♀️

23/03/2022, 6:17 pm - Isaac: Hi

23/03/2022, 6:17 pm - Isaac: Sure. No prob

23/03/2022, 6:48 pm - May: Im here

23/03/2022, 6:49 pm - Isaac: Which entrance?

23/03/2022, 6:49 pm - May: Wait i at [Location] though hahha

23/03/2022, 6:50 pm - May: Let me walk out first

23/03/2022, 6:50 pm - Isaac: Meet me infront of uniqlo

23/03/2022, 6:51 pm - May: I'll...try my best to find

23/03/2022, 6:51 pm - May: 😵‍💫😵‍💫

23/03/2022, 6:51 pm - Isaac: Lol

23/03/2022, 6:52 pm - Isaac: Easy to find. Its near the circle in the middle

23/03/2022, 6:52 pm - May: Okay

23/03/2022, 6:53 pm - May: I saw u

The date went quite well. Unlike previous dates, for this one I picked a simple venue which is a juice shop without with seatings. 

We chatted about different stuff and just like on previous dates, I run the cube on her and she participated very well with child like anticipation. We talked mostly about work and she told me bits about her life in Taiwan.

After about a hour and a half,  I asked her for a walk to an outdoor area in the mall where there are seats and a fountain (a romantic spot). The moment we reach there, it started raining "I guess we have to go back" she said jokingly. 

We return indoor and she said she wanted to get stuff from Mr.DIY which is located in the top floor. I walked there with her and waited outside once she finish her shopping. After she was done, we took the elevator downstairs and as we were talking, I place my arm on her other shoulder. She was shorter than  me so it didn't seem awkward.

After few walking around, we decided to call it a night. We faced each other, and I said "take care" and place my hand on her left shoulder. And left.

About 20 minutes later, she texted me:

23/03/2022, 8:52 pm - May: I just reach home

23/03/2022, 8:52 pm - May: How bout u

23/03/2022, 8:59 pm - Isaac: Grabbing dinner from Subway :)

23/03/2022, 9:05 pm - May: VID-20220323-WA0000.mp4 (file attached)

23/03/2022, 9:35 pm - Isaac: Have a good night. Also send me the pics of  

some of  the ur artworks u show me.

23/03/2022, 9:35 pm - Isaac: I really like them.

23/03/2022, 9:56 pm - May: Thank you for saying so,thats very kind of you🤭

23/03/2022, 10:09 pm - May: IMG-20220323-WA0001.jpg (file attached)

23/03/2022, 10:09 pm - May: IMG-20220323-WA0002.jpg (file attached)

23/03/2022, 10:16 pm - Isaac: Thanks

23/03/2022, 10:17 pm - May: I'll find others next day.gonna sleep now😴

23/03/2022, 10:19 pm - Isaac: No prob

23/03/2022, 10:20 pm - May: Night!

We exchanged text for the next few days. I asked her out during that time but she said that she was getting home late due to too much work, and barely making it to family dinner.

I got her a bit excited by saying that I wanted to show her something, a trick that I use to create anticipation in some girls prior to day 2 :D

28/03/2022, 7:44 pm - Isaac: Wanna catch up tomorrow?

28/03/2022, 7:48 pm - May: I dont think so

28/03/2022, 7:48 pm - May: Kinda late when im home

28/03/2022, 7:56 pm - Isaac: Been working from home for ages. Seems like I forgot how tiring it is to drive back home lol.

28/03/2022, 8:05 pm - May: Hahaha

28/03/2022, 8:05 pm - May: How's your weekend

28/03/2022, 8:21 pm - Isaac: I havent had a weekend this week 😂

28/03/2022, 8:21 pm - Isaac: Been working to meet a deadline today

28/03/2022, 8:23 pm - May: Ahhh you need to work on weekends?

28/03/2022, 8:27 pm - Isaac: Actually im a team leader in my company, so got more responsibilites than a normal engineer

28/03/2022, 8:30 pm - Isaac: But I don't work on weekend unless there is too much workload

28/03/2022, 8:30 pm - May: I see

28/03/2022, 8:31 pm - May: Then if you're free on this weekend maybe we can meet

28/03/2022, 8:37 pm - Isaac: Sure. I'll update you later.

28/03/2022, 8:41 pm - May: STK-20220328-WA0000.webp (file attached)

28/03/2022, 8:42 pm - May: Oh ya i have date on Saturday,not sure for night or evening yet

28/03/2022, 8:48 pm - Isaac: Mmm.. with ur friends?

28/03/2022, 9:09 pm - May: Ya

28/03/2022, 9:16 pm - Isaac: Ok. We see later

28/03/2022, 9:16 pm - Isaac: Will try my best not to lose another weekend lol

28/03/2022, 9:28 pm - May: STK-20220322-WA0000.webp (file attached)

28/03/2022, 9:28 pm - May: Okie

29/03/2022, 8:54 am - May: Hey this weekend I'll have to go back to hometown, so i might not free on weekend😭sorry

29/03/2022, 10:07 am - Isaac: I see

29/03/2022, 10:08 am - Isaac: I wanted to show you something. But guess can wait another time

29/03/2022, 10:20 am - May: 😮😮what was that

29/03/2022, 10:27 am - Isaac: In a meeting. Text u later

29/03/2022, 11:18 am - May: sure

29/03/2022, 5:31 pm - May: I was just going to message you that i can get off work in another half hour,then my colleague want me to stay because suddenly coming up new work that's kinda urgent🌚

29/03/2022, 5:31 pm - May: What a sad story

29/03/2022, 5:50 pm - Isaac: Oh.

29/03/2022, 5:50 pm - Isaac: That sucks

29/03/2022, 5:51 pm - Isaac: Hope u r not overworked r u?

29/03/2022, 5:57 pm - May: No i didn't

She texted me on the following weekend: 

02/04/2022, 12:36 pm - May: Do you get your break for weekend?🤭

02/04/2022, 1:06 pm - Isaac: not much work this weekend, except reading emails

02/04/2022, 1:07 pm - Isaac: enjoying ur hometown?

02/04/2022, 1:15 pm - May: Going back tomorrow,now at genting🤭

02/04/2022, 1:15 pm - May: Tomorrow have to wake up around 3am🥱

02/04/2022, 1:20 pm - Isaac: I miss genting! I used to go there alot with friends, just to enjoy the weather

02/04/2022, 1:22 pm - Isaac: but why do u have to wake up that early?

02/04/2022, 1:28 pm - May: Hahahha me too

02/04/2022, 1:28 pm - May: Tomb Sweeping on Qingming Festival normally we have to be there around 6-8am

02/04/2022, 2:00 pm - Isaac: I see.

02/04/2022, 2:01 pm - Isaac: what are you wearing in genting :)

02/04/2022, 2:10 pm - May: Just normal t-shirt and short pants

02/04/2022, 2:10 pm - May: Today abit hot here

02/04/2022, 2:18 pm - Isaac: lol that exactly what I imagined you wearing.

02/04/2022, 2:18 pm - Isaac: yeah hot weather these days.

02/04/2022, 2:18 pm - May: Hahahhahaha

02/04/2022, 2:25 pm - May: IMG-20220402-WA0000.jpg (a view from condo)

Share you some view from my house here🤭

02/04/2022, 2:31 pm - Isaac: beautiful view

02/04/2022, 2:31 pm - Isaac: but you forgot to share something else...

02/04/2022, 2:33 pm - May: What else?

02/04/2022, 2:35 pm - Isaac: use the other camera in your phone 😉

02/04/2022, 2:35 pm - Isaac: and ur biggest smile

02/04/2022, 2:42 pm - May: IMG-20220402-WA0001.jpg (her selfie)


02/04/2022, 2:51 pm - Isaac: that's your biggest smile??

02/04/2022, 2:51 pm - Isaac: you can do better 😉

02/04/2022, 2:52 pm - May: Hahhahaha i will look weird than hahahahahaha

02/04/2022, 2:59 pm - Isaac: do this

02/04/2022, 2:59 pm - Isaac: relax your eyes..

02/04/2022, 2:59 pm - Isaac: spread your cheeks slightly..

02/04/2022, 3:00 pm - Isaac: and open your mouth a bit to reveal ur teeth

02/04/2022, 3:01 pm - Isaac: do that and the whole room will shine!

02/04/2022, 3:05 pm - May: 🤣🤣🤣

02/04/2022, 3:06 pm - May: Its so weird🤣🤣

02/04/2022, 3:10 pm - Isaac: well, u've done it naturally, multiple times, when we were together the last time.

02/04/2022, 3:11 pm - May: Did i??😂😂

02/04/2022, 3:15 pm - Isaac: yes. and u will do it even more the next time we meet

02/04/2022, 3:16 pm - May: 🤭🤭well,it depends on you

02/04/2022, 3:36 pm - Isaac: 2 options, Tues' evening or next saturday afternoon

02/04/2022, 3:53 pm - May: If Tues have to be night since i finish work around 6maybe 7pm

02/04/2022, 3:55 pm - May: And i cant make sure that will i go work or not... actually they want me to go work today but I've already planned to go back hometown,so they say maybe push the training to next week

02/04/2022, 4:08 pm - Isaac: this training is temporary?

02/04/2022, 4:41 pm - May: Ya

02/04/2022, 4:58 pm - Isaac: ok

02/04/2022, 4:58 pm - Isaac: we meet on tues then

02/04/2022, 4:59 pm - May: Then maybe have dinner together?

02/04/2022, 5:05 pm - Isaac: yes.

02/04/2022, 5:05 pm - May: Okay

05/04/2022, 5:20 pm - May: We meet at [location] too?

05/04/2022, 5:22 pm - Isaac: no. [location]

05/04/2022, 5:22 pm - Isaac: u driving right?

05/04/2022, 5:22 pm - May: Yup

05/04/2022, 5:23 pm - Isaac: ok

05/04/2022, 5:24 pm - Isaac: after u finish work, come here

05/04/2022, 5:24 pm - Isaac: [google map location]

05/04/2022, 5:24 pm - May: Okay

05/04/2022, 5:24 pm - Isaac: we get dinner at a nearby outlet

05/04/2022, 5:25 pm - May: I'll let you know what time cos not sure hows the traffic

05/04/2022, 5:26 pm - Isaac: ok. drive safe

05/04/2022, 6:25 pm - May: Heavy rain😕

05/04/2022, 6:37 pm - Isaac: here too.

05/04/2022, 6:37 pm - Isaac: but not heavy

05/04/2022, 6:40 pm - Isaac: [address]

05/04/2022, 6:40 pm - Isaac: ignore first one

05/04/2022, 6:43 pm - May: Might reach there around 7:45

05/04/2022, 6:44 pm - Isaac: ok

05/04/2022, 7:18 pm - May: I might be way more late

05/04/2022, 7:18 pm - May: The traffic is nuts

05/04/2022, 7:21 pm - Isaac: lol

05/04/2022, 7:21 pm - Isaac: no prob

05/04/2022, 7:35 pm - May: I reach one u

05/04/2022, 7:44 pm - May: Im here!!

05/04/2022, 7:45 pm - Isaac: 1 min

05/04/2022, 7:45 pm - May: Surprise!

05/04/2022, 7:45 pm - May: Okay

05/04/2022, 7:49 pm - Isaac: whats ur car

05/04/2022, 7:49 pm - Isaac: can i see me?

05/04/2022, 7:50 pm - May: I part abit up

05/04/2022, 7:50 pm - May: [color] myvi

05/04/2022, 7:50 pm - May: [plate number]

05/04/2022, 7:51 pm - May: Stop there

05/04/2022, 7:51 pm - May: I saw u

Since she was driving, my plan was to get her to pick me up from near my house then get drinks at a bar nearby, just like I did with the Ikea girl, so if all goes well, I could easily bring her to mine.

She was wearing a white shirt, black cardigan and black skirt. Sneakers and long black socks! she had make up on and look very cute! like a geeky girl doing her best to look sexy.

We drove to the bar. It was quiet there with few people, thanks to Covid. We set at a small table, a good spot, somewhere near the entrance. We ordered a pizza and non-alcoholic drinks.

She told me that she started a new job on that week, and she already hates it, as they've been giving her a lot of tedious work to do. Then we talked about pets, and I shared my story of visiting a dog cafe in Penang where I thought I could do some work on my laptop, but ended up being distracted by 5 puppies barking simultaneously every time someone comes in. She laughed hard at the story. She said she wish to own a pet but her family wouldn't allow any in their house. But she mentioned having a hamster when she was studying in Taiwan.

"Have you ever been to a bar or nightclub before" I asked her. "Never" she said in a sad tone. She mentioned that her circle of friends aren't the kind who party or drink, not even her ex-boyfriend. She always dreamt of experiencing nightlife at least once in her life.

Then we slowly started transitioning to relationships and love, and began sharing our own baggages :D. As I felt more attraction from her, I asked her to show me some pictures of her time in Taiwan. Then I grabbed my seat and set close to her.

As she was showing the pictures and explaining, I started playing with her hair and she didn't mind it. Then later on, I asked her a question (which I forgot  what it was) and then grabbed her hand and hold it over the table top and told while smiling, "Can you answer while I hold your hand" she was laughing and blushing and then I took my hand back and continue with my escalation. 

After about an hour, I said "before you go, I want to show you my place". "Ok!" She complied

We drove and she parked in front of my house, I teased her by telling her I wanna see her parallel parking skills.

We got into the building and walked the long corridor to my apartment.

We entered the apartment and she immediately took of her shoes, closed the door behind and and placed her hand bag on my dining table.

"Would you like to see the balcony?". "sure". She leaned on the balcony and I came behind her and grabbed the balcony railing with both my hand, with my chest touching her back. 

I started talking about the view and pointing out to the buildings. "My boss lived in that building", "I used to live in the building far back there, then i was fed up with the landlady and moved here...".

Then i asked her to turn around. She turned. 

I asked her to remove her mask. She did.

Grab her hip gently with my left hand, and her head with my right hand and gave her a gentle kiss on her lips. She didn't react at all which surprised me, also she kept her eyes open while I was kissing her which was a bit weird.

After brief making out session, we set on the couch and made out some more. This time she started breathing faster, her face turning red, and she started moaning. 

I took her hand and guided her to the bed. I made her lay on her back.

I took of my shirt and continue kissing her. Then she took off her cardigan and I started unbuttoning her shirt as she was moaning.

I remove her shirt, and then removed her skirt. 

She was wearing a green panty which contrasted nicely with her white smooth skin.

I took of her panty and had a glimpse of her slightly hairy pussy. 

We continued kissing and I removed her bra, exposing her beautiful natural breasts.

She was still shy and at one point she lied her side and put her hands over her breast covering them. 

"It's OK" I told her while kissing her on the shoulder.

Then I got her on her back, and took my hand downunder and began playing with her clit. She was very wet and can't stop moaning as she played with her breasts. 

I didn't wait for too long. Using my index and middle finger, I made my signature "pistol" sign and started fingering her slowly, pushing the pistol in and out of her vagina.

But then, while in the process, I pulled out my fingers and they were covered in blood! 

Thick blood, which leaked and stained the comforter (and leaked all the way down to the bed protector, as I discovered later on)!

"Are you on your period?" I asked. "No" she said. She didn't seem to know what was causing the bleeding.

It was mild bleeding, so I shrugged and continued.

I proceed to take off my pants.

I grabbed my rock solid cock and slowly pushed it inside her juicy pussy, and started fucking her. No condom.

I was horny so it didn't last very long before I came inside of her.

Once we were done, I let her use the bathroom while I walked to the kitchen sink to wash my bloody fingers.

I walked into the bathroom. She was taking shower, fully naked (obviously). And I had a good look of her beautiful curvy, pear-like body for the first time. I complimented her on that, and she giggled.

We got dressed up and she asked me if I have a hair dryer. I didn't so she had to use my towel to dry her hair.

We set on the coach, we made out a bit and she started getting horny again, but we stopped. 

"I guess I'll have to buy the medicine tonight" she said. "Oops" I said... innocently.

She wanted to leave, so I walked her to the elevator. We hugged and I wished her a good night.


A week later, I invited her to my house, where we cooked lunch, played Tekken on PS4, and of course, fucked like animals.

She became my girlfriend afterwards, and we stayed together for over a year.


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