April 27, 2024

Bukit Bintang weekend stay & field report

I've been doing most of my weekend daygame sessions in KL due to the high volume of quality targets. But the problem I'm facing is that... I start my day quite slowly.

I wake up around 8 am, super sluggish. It takes me 1-2 cups of coffee to come to life, and I find myself watching random stuff on YT and only leave my house 4-5 hours later.

I don't like that. So I decided to leave my house earlier on weekends. I thought it's a good idea if I stay the night closer to where I game, perhaps in a place that is not as comfortable as my house so I'm forced to go out as soon as I freshen up.

So I booked a place in Bukit Bintang (which is closer to many large malls) this Saturday.

A cheap hostel (RM 24), needless to say, it was a shitty place, and I had to check out earlier due to not being able to sleep at night, thanks to faulty AC and a crazy Arab guy staying below my bunk bed who was complaining about every noise and movement, e.g. random phone ringing in the middle of the night and he opened my curtain "excuse me bradar! can you bleeze make your phone on silence?"

Other than the horrible sweaty night stay, I had a decent daygame session on Saturday:

12 approaches in total.

4 numbers, 3 from very weak sets. And 1 from a hot skinny Botswana girl with long braided hair (an extension) which was the best set of the day.

Texted her today and we agreed to meet next Saturday.

I've also recorded my session (about 6 hours), something that I've been quite lazy to do for a while, but it's time to listen to myself and see how far I came and what to improve (vocally and material-wise).

Apart from infields, I'm currently reading Daygame Nitro by Nick Krauser. A book that I've, surprisingly, never read before. I remember reading Daygame Mastery which was too much theory for me. Nitro seems more straight to the point. A the book that I should've dove into in my early days of pickup when I was as clueless as a goldfish.

Why I'm I ready this book? because, (1) although I practice LDM, my cold approach style is quite different from most other daygamers, and I need to make sure that what makes me unique doesn't derail me from the fundamentals of pickup/seduction, and (2) I don't yet have a full mature structure from approach to sex to build enough confidence on dates, or at least always know what to do next.

It's 2:50 pm now, I just came from the supermarket near my house, where I saw a cute petite girl who was IOIing me as I was waiting for her to check out from the cashier. After finishing, she left the cashier and disappeared. I checked out and exited the mart only to see her coming back from nowhere (she was definitely waiting for me). I let her pass, I followed her, and she kept looking back 3 times and smiling. After exiting the entrance of the mall, she stopped and I approached her. "how come you are not carrying a bag", "you must be very strong carrying those items". She was smiling and was a bit confused and shy. Before she even warmed up, I heard a loud "beep beep" and looked there, there is a big-ass pickup truck waiting by the taxi stop, she rushed and got into the car. Most likely her man (or her brother).

First approach of the day.

It's 2:12pm now (Sunday), and I'm off to another adventure in KL!


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