May 25, 2024

Venturing into the Desert: Versatile Cold Approach Experiment

My daygame have been quite rigid since I've started in 2020. I've been approaching girls only during sessions and in specific venues or routes. 

But I've come to realize that such way of doing daygame limits my opportunities of meeting infinate number of beautiful women everywhere else, in shops, gas stations, cafes, trains, etc.

So, I've decided to change this and do cold approaching in a spontaneous fashion.

But that means I have to be prepared for cold approaching at all time, and to be in that state I must:

 - Dress my best every time I leave my house, even for short errands
 - Have a structure or model for approaching girls when direct game not suitable (e.g. a quite library)
 - Learn how to deal with the anxiety of making unplanned approaches
 - Have a schedule for doing only spantanous (outside venue / route) approaches, e.g. Saturday & Sunday all spontaneous approaches
- Have days where I will only be doing daygame experiments e.g. 2-4 days a month

Lack of model or structure: the biggest challenges to address in versatile cold approach

Scenario 1:

Imagine sitting in a dental clinic and a hot chick comes to you, smiles and asks if the seat next to you is empty. You say yes and she sits. Her smells so good! She crosses her legs and exposes her beautiful smooth thights. She reaches out to her purse, grab a lipstick a mirror and does what a women would do in such scenario.

Your heart beating faster than an F1 engine. You wanna talk to her, but then you only know how to do it in LDM style, which needless to say, not the right tool in this case.

Scenario 2:

You are in a bookstore, browsing poetry books, a girl passes by you carrying a book you recognize, she stops next to you, picks up another book: "Burning in Water Drowning in Flame" - by Charles Bukowski.

What should you do in those two scenarios that is (1) approperiate? and that will (2) maximize your chances of attracting her sexually or at projecting yourself as an interesting person?

I can answer the first question, but the 2nd is pretty much an uncharted territory for me. 

But I'm detemines to find or figure out an effective framework or model for talking to women everywhere.

The model should answer the following questions:

  - How to curb nerviousness from approaching without the comfort of the (familiar) LDM

  - How to open girls in unplanned random situations where LDM not suitable? e.g how to get her full attention

  - How to project my sexual intent to a girl non-verbally when using words is not approperiate

Will experiment with those on the weekends and report back.

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