September 19, 2021

A Lousy Game is Better than a Thousand Book

"Training is useful. But there is no substitute for experience" - Rosa Klebb 

The line above caught my ears as I was enjoying From Russia With Love while sipping a can of Guinness (ok, I'm craving one now).

I agree with the lady.

I'm not gonna argue about the benefits of

training, be it in any forms. But from my own personal experience, the habit of getting your hands dirty is the only way to progress in the game.

I started my daygame journey (I prefer to call it cold approaching) sometime last year. I wasn't very consistent in my effort due to many factors (or excuses), including the pandemic, the endless succession of lockdowns, among other personal reasons. 

But the good part is...

Although I wasn't working very diligently like many other renowned PUAs.

I managed to progress quite well and improve many aspects of my game. 

In my first month, I couldn't even get a girl to stay put and listen to me, let alone seducing her via assumption stories, pull, push, hypnosis, etc. 

But now, calling it a day with 4-5 numbers or an instant date, have become as easy as passing wind.

So how did I got there? Did I buy a seduction book and study it cover to cover? did I consume every tip and advice on YouTube or reddit? Did I read the Art of Seduction by Robert Greene. I certainly did all of that, at some point in my life. 

And guess what, they lead me to nowhere.

So what really helped me?

Putting myself out there, and making a fool out of myself.

That is to say, making mistakes and learning from them.

For example;

During the start of my daygaming journey, when I spot a girl (PUAs use "set" but to me they are just girls), I would approach her from the side and open. Sometime a girl or two would be kind enough to stop and give me their full attention. 

But most of them were like "haha thanks" and keep on walking. 

And what I was doing? walk along side with them as if I'm their puppy.

This style of interacting with a girl is commonly seen in YouTube. I now call it "Follow her lead" approach.

I was adopting this method when I started the game, cus to be honest, it was easier to approach girls this way as it's less confrontational and sorta of presented you as an equal to her.

It helped me during my early stages when AA was my only obstacle.

But then.

My AA has started to fade away. 

And I was still approaching them this way, and it kinda of developed into a a habit. 

Needless to say I didn't get much result from this method. Why? cus this style of approach presents three problems. 

First, you have no idea where the girl is heading. Neither she knows where you going. And it kinda give the impression that you are following her around.

Second, there are times when the girl will be close to her destination. In this case, the interaction will be too brief to create any investment on her part. Continue talking to her and you risk coming off as needy or socially inept.

Third, .... this one is the nail in the coffin.

Unless if you happened to be walking in the same direction as her (let's admit it, you are not!) then YOU ARE LITERALLY FOLLOWING HER LEAD! 

It wasn't long before I realized that it's time to change my style of approaching.

I decided that whenever I open a girl, instead of walking beside her like a servant, I would stop. This will naturally encourage her to stop as well cus it's generally rude to walk away while talking to others.

And guess what. It worked!

Just the act of stopping after saying "excuse me" has made it really easy to communicate with girls without compromising my frame. 

I was still getting some blowouts with this, but I was very proud of myself for not following their lead and, instead, standing my ground. 

If I speak to her. She will stop and listen to me.

I managed to get tons of numbers, 4 instant dates, and one hug over the following months.

I wonder how long it would've taken me to learn this lesson accidentally from a book.

Maybe a dozen lifetimes.

Maybe never.

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