April 21, 2023

#1 - IKEA Girl (Part I)

I met Nana* at one of my favorite mall in my area. I've already done few sets that day at another mall, and gotten 2 leads. But why am I gaming in another place? it's a weird habit of mine, every time I get solid 2-3 numbers, I leave the area so I don't run into my leads again, or worse, having them spotting me approaching other girls :D. 

Anyway, I did few sets in the second mall. And as I was walking round, I notice this tall, slightly thin girl. She was wearing black pants and a black rain coat. Like everyone around, she was wearing a mask, so couldn't really assess her facial looks or age. 

I followed her to the escalator towards the upper floor and waiting for the best time to approach. Once she walked off the escalator, I did my approach thingy. I overtook her from the right side while maintaining reasonable distance from her, then I turn 90 degree towards her, waved hello sign and said "excuse me" while stopped slowly (signally her to stop, without jumping in front of her, or touching her). 

She stopped, and looked at me with expected curiosity. I don't have recording of our conversation, and I don't remember the exact details, but it went like this: 

I asked her "Do you speak English?". A kinda of stupid question, but it's quite effective in establishing communication with the girl. Some girls don't even respond, or say "No", signally you to get lost.

"Ahhh.. Yes.". she responded. "I just saw you at the escalator and I thought you look lovely, and I just wanted to say hi". 

"Haha ok!" she said, while slowly trying to get away. A normal response. I've learned that if you stand your ground and done your best to keep the conversation going, your will have better chance if getting the girl to stay and engage with you.

That's what happened with Nana! "What brings you here? Shopping?" I asked her.

No... I just finished work and going to get my nails done" she responded. I straight jumped to the attraction part "You look like a designer".

"Haha no. I wish" she said. I noticed that she was wearing a cat-eye glasses with a chain. I made a comment about that. 

We continue the conversation and I noticed that she came closer, from a hesitate 2 meter to a curious 1 meter. That moment I realized she was interested in me. 

She told me that she worked at a nearby IKEA store, and that she was wearing the rain coat to cover her yellow and blue work uniform. I didn't keep the conversation for too long, as I know she was rushing to get her nail done, as the mall was closing in like 40 minutes. 

I took her number, and while I was about to leave, I noticed that she seems to be wanting to continue our interaction. I shook her hand nonetheless and wish her a good night. I didn't wanted to linger for too long and kill the attraction I worked hard to build.

Next day

I finished work around 5:45, and headed to one of malls for a gaming session. I don't recall how many sets I approached, but I got 2 leads. 

One of them was a Yemeni girl who was quite shocked when I approached her. Will cover this set in detail in another post, as it was a funny and memorable one!

After I returned from the mall, I texted Nana. and she responded in about 15-20 min. Here goes the WA conversation:

Me: Hi
Her: Hello
Me: How u doin? :)
Her: Im fine
Her: Just shop some stuff in ikea
Her: For uses
Her: Why
Me: I see. I still have ur pretty smile, behind the mask, in my memory lol
Her: πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
Her: Have u saw me before?
Her: Or would u like have a drink ?
Her: I still here
Me: Well we met yesterday... (replying to "Have u saw me before?")
Me: Sure. But can we make it tomorrow, if u free?
Her: Im think im not free tomorrow coz got something to done
Her: Its okay, maybe next time
Me: No prob
Me: What time u normally finish ur shift?
Her: 7pm tomorrow.. maybe can meet at 9pm
Me: Boleh
Me: See u by then
Her: Ok sure.. i will update u later

Before I texted her, she had a weird profile photo of what seems to be a child with a deformed face riding a tricycle. But after I texted her, I noticed that she immediately changed the photo to a pretty photoshoped girl, that has a rose attached to her neck with a plaster. Needless to say, I didn't dare bring up her original profile photo.

First date:

I texted her the following day:

Her: Hello
Me: Hi
Her: Are u here?
Me: Im nearby
Me: U there?
Her: Yes.. at [Mall name]
Me: Ok
Me: Be there in few mins
Her: Ok sure
Me: Im here
Me: LG
Her: Ok..
Her: Im at H&M
Me: Ok wait there.

Unlike my previous dates, where I was leading the logistics. This one was almost entirely lead by her. 

After I reached, the mall, I walked straight into H&M. And looked around and there she was. Again she was was wearing similar clothes as the last time, but this time, I could see her IKEA outfit more clearly as her coat was fully unzipped from the front.

We exchanged "Hi" and she looked a bit shy. She was check up some clothes on the lady section (possible shopping for our next date). I felt a bit awkward standing there why she check the clothes, so I told her I'll wait for her outside.

After she came out with a bag of clothes, we chat it a bit and walked aimlessly for few minutes. The I suggested getting a drink downstairs at a juice shop. She declined and said she prefer setting somewhere outside, as she was shy that her colleagues will see us. She suggested Starbucks.

We went into Starbucks and she ordered a chocolate drink and a piece of chocolate. I don't recall what I ordered. But I after we got our drinks, we set outside facing the road. 

I set in front of her and lied back on my chair. She took a bite of her cake. "Is it nice?" I asked her. "yeah". "OMG sorry! I forget to bring extra fork. What was I thinking" she said, feeling embarrassed. Then she walked inside the shop and came back with a plastic fork.

We chatted for about an hour about different things. Among the things I've learned about her is that she is 26 years old, she likes reading novels, mostly ones involving a prince and a princess. She told me that she never been to colleague and learned English almost entirely through reading novels.

She told me that she was working at IKEA for 7 years and it was her first job. 

"What is it like to work there?" I asked her. She responded by saying how the stuff are well treated and how the company follows Swedish work culture and ethics, were "customer is king" concept doesn't apply, as employees rights and wellbeing also do matter. 

Though she mentioned times of stress, involving dealing with shitty customers. "how shitty?" I asked. "yelling and demanding being attended first".

The rest of the date was pretty much smooth sail and she seems to be quite into me. But I called it a night as it was getting late and the mall already closed as it was past 10 pm. I ordered Grab, wished her a good night and left.

Follow up chat:

Me: Hey, happy friday :)
Me: What u up to today? Shopping?
Her: Hai
Her: No, im working in afternoon shift
Her: Until 10.30pm
Me: I see
Me: Dont know when u off. But If u free tomorrow evening, wanna go for dinner?
Her: Sorry,, i told u that tomorrow im going to camping
Me: Oh that was tomorrow?
Me: My bad. Forgot.
Her: Yes.. im sorry..
Her: Busy
Her: I will update u later when im fre
Her: Free
Me: No prob.
Me: Enjoy ur vacation
Me: And get urself some mosquito repellent lol
Her: Thanks.
Her: I just done my shift
Me: Have good night.
Her: Good night
Her: Well, i cant sleep yet because need to pack all my things for tomorrow
Me: U leaving early?
Her: Yeah,,
Her: Morning
Her: Need to catch up with my friend too
Me: I see.
Me: You are not packing your whole closet are you 🀣
Her: Haahha
Her: No ..just a lot of foods and cooking  stuff to bring later
Her: I still cant decide what to wear ..🀣
Me: Whatever u wear, I bet you will look great on it
Her: 🀭
Her: Its been a long time
Her: U should have rest

Second date:

One week have past after our last text exchange. One day texted her.... 

Me: hey
Her: Hai
Her: I just arrived from [place] this evening
Her: ☺️
Her: Sorry for take time
Her: How r u?
Me: im good. been working nonstop since last week cus of deadlines
Me: have you enjoyed ur adventure?
Her: Yeah,, started with camping, end with camping tooπŸ˜‚
Me: i imagine u wearing a girl scout outfit, sitting by a tree, reading a novel and sipping a cup of hot milo :)
Her: (she sent a photo of her holding a cup of iced chocolate milk)
Her: (and a video of herself ... :D)
Her: Im at [location]
Her: U wanna meet?
Me: sure.
Me: nice video btw
Me: come to [location]
Her: Sure
Her: Share location
Me: *shares location*
Me: text me when u near, we get drinks at a nearby outlet
Her: Sure
Her: Im arrived
Me: ok coming

My plan was to get dinner at a place near my house, which my strategy for a 2nd date.

I looked for her car, and I found her parked in a parking area close to my house. The car's engine was off but I could see her as the dome lights was on and she was probably putting on makeup.

Knocked on the passenger side window then opened the door and hopped in. There was just a lot of clothes and stuff in her car. But it smelled nice. "Your car is messy" I said jokingly. She laughted and mentioned since she came straight from her home town, she didn't get the time to drop the stuff at her place.

She started the car and I guided her to the bar. I looked at her and it was the first time I see her in normal clothes. She was wearing tight black jeans and a cropped green top exposing her smooth belly. 

After we reached the place and parked. We exited and the car and and looked at her again. She was almost my height. She was thin and her hip was really wide. She looked like a living coca cola bottle.

We entered the bar and I picked a table closer to the exit and let her set facing outside while I faced the inside of the bar. The place was quiet with light music and a perfect atmosphere for a conversation. None of us were hungry, so she ordered hot lemon tea and I ordered soda water with ice. 

I noticed stretch marks on her belly and knew then that she brought souls to this world. 

We chatted for about 2 hours and our conversation this time was more personal. I asked her about her relationships.

"If I tell you something, will you not run away?". I told her "try me". "I'm divorced twice" she said "and I have 2 kids". I wasn't surprised.  She also said that her previous husband was cheating on her and that's what took the relationship apart.

In the midst of our conversation, I "asked her to show me some photos of her camping trip". She took her phone started scrolling through and showing me the photos. I took this opportunity to get closer to her. I stood up and lifted the chair and set next to her.

After were done with the photos, she wanted to say something, but then she retracted. I grabbed her hand and placed it close to me on the table. "tell me" I insisted as I looked deep into her eyes. .......... I honestly forgot what she told me πŸ˜‚. but I knew from that moment on, I was pretty much in control.

After some moment of intimate talk and touching. I asked her "Before you go back, I wanna show you my house". "lol ok" she said.

We exited the bar and I took her thin soft hand and we walked towards her car, like couples. I was surprised she didn't pull her hand away.

She suggested that I drive, saying she is tired from the trip. I should've said "yes" and taken the damn wheel, but I didn't have a driving license that time and the area had too many police patrol. So I declined and left he wheel to her. 

She drove and I guided her to a parking in front of my condo. She parked the car and I immediately sensed last minute resistance from her when she said "I need to go back, I have work tomorrow". "Come on, you can trust me" I persisted "Let's go". She complied and we exited the car.

We walked into the building and took the elevator to straight to my apartment.


* Not real name

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