April 24, 2023

#1 - IKEA girl (Part II)

She took off her shoes and socks and started looking around curiously. She saw a weighing scale and stood on it "OMG, I lost weight". 

I had few gym equipment at home including a bench press and two dumbbells. She leaned down and grab one of them. I got a very good view of her round ass and massive hips. I came from behind her and placed my hand on her lower back "give it a try. "Ah!" she

April 21, 2023

#1 - IKEA Girl (Part I)

I met Nana* at one of my favorite mall in my area. I've already done few sets that day at another mall, and gotten 2 leads. But why am I gaming in another place? it's a weird habit of mine, every time I get solid 2-3 numbers, I leave the area so I don't run into my leads again, or worse, having them spotting me approaching other girls :D. 

Anyway, I did few sets in the second mall. And as I was walking round, I notice this tall, slightly thin girl. She was wearing black pants and a black rain coat. Like everyone around, she was wearing a mask, so couldn't really assess her facial looks or age. 

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