December 29, 2023

#3 - The Talkative Maniac

Being in the right place at the right time can expose you to pleasant (and sometimes weird) experiences.

That's what happened to me one Friday last September. I finished work and battled with myself over whether I should hit the mall, do some sets, or just call it a day and head home.

I decided to go to the mall.

The first girl I approached was a Chinese expat who turned out to be a master's student. After I got her number, I continued strolling in the mall, then I spotted another girl. She was wearing jean shorts and a crop top T-shirt reading "Alice in Wonderland" while holding a brown jacket (probably due to the cold train).
I followed her for a while. She was walking a bit fast, and since I was only doing side stops those days, I decided to wait for the best opportunity to approach her.

But then she exited the mall and was out on the street. I thought to move on to another set, but I was determined to approach her. I continued following her, and she walked into a 7-Eleven store.

I waited for her outside with determination to approach her once she came out. While standing there playing with my phone for a few minutes, I heard "hello." I lifted my head, and the girl was standing there next to me. I was both shocked and a little bit panicked. "Did she notice me following her?" I wondered.

"Wanna cigarette?" she offered. "Oh, thanks, I don't smoke," I told her. Then we chatted a bit. "I'm damn thirsty," she said, which was funny as she had just come out from a grocery store. I offered her a bottle of water from my backpack.

She seemed irritated about something and was complaining about her family. "My family is so rich, but I'm poor," she mentioned. We talked for about 10-20 minutes, but given her talkative nature, I felt as if I'd known her for quite a while.

I maintained my composure and coolness (thanks to 2 years of day game that tamed my nerves). "Would you like to go for drinks?" I offered. "Sure," she said, "but let's go to a non-Chinese shop," she added, despite being Chinese herself.

After walking and chatting with her for a few minutes, I realized I wasn't quite familiar with the place. She noticed that and suggested that we go to Mont Kiara, where she knows some places. Sadly, I didn't bring my car that day; otherwise, I would've led by taking her somewhere I'm familiar with.

I booked a Grab, and while on the way, she started talking to the driver in Malay, and throughout the 10-15 minute journey, she never stopped talking! That was more than a red flag for me, but I didn't give a rat's ass, as I wasn't looking at her as a potential GF/wife.

We arrived at the location, and then I realized she wanted us to walk around. I liked the idea, and we did that.

It was nighttime by then; we walked for about 30 minutes until we arrived at 163 Retail Park Mall, a beautiful place, and certainly one of the best 1st, nth date venues. The area was sort of quiet and dimly lit, but it was clean and exuded affluence.

We went inside the mall, and I suggested we get something to eat, as I was hungry. We decided on Korean.

We ordered our food, and she ordered 1 soju, offering me a cup. I wasn't interested in drinking but took a few sips.

She told me more about herself. She is 33, was working at Gibraltar with her ex-husband before she got divorced and returned home.

After we were done with dinner, which she didn't finish, we went downstairs and got drinks at Starbucks, where we sat outside and chilled for a while.

It wasn't long before we started talking about sex. "How sexual are you from a scale of one to ten?" I asked her. "I'm quite sexual," she said, "but only when I'm not depressed." She told me how her last BF was quite lazy in bed and barely satisfied her.

I shared bits of my sex life as well and told her about the time my ex invited me to her family's house when they were away, how we fucked in almost every corner of the house, and how scared shitless I was every time we heard noise outside her home, thinking it could've been her parents or brothers.

"Do you like being fingered?" I asked her. "Oh yeah, but never met yet met someone who cared to do it well." "How about having your pussy licked, like a lollipop?" I stuck my tongue out and moved it in a clockwise motion. She laughed.

"Are you wet now?" I asked her. "Maybe after I return home," she said.

One thing I noticed about her is that throughout the evening, she was watching the people passing by and making comments about them. "That wife doesn't look happy," "Those guys look Korean," etc. She seemed to have a keen interest in other people and never missed an opportunity to strike a conversation with some of the people we ran into.

I told her, "you like people watching." "What's that?" she said. "It's sort of a hobby of observing people in public places for the sake of guessing their story." She was flattered, "You are the first person to tell me that."

We finished our drinks. "Shall we go to your place?" she said. "Sure," I said, suppressing a mountain of excitement.

I booked a Grab to my place, and while waiting for our ride, we took a walk in a park attached to the mall. It was a nice place, with a beautiful fountain and dim street lighting. The place screamed romance!

"Oh look, a cute panda," Jessie said, pointing to a small fluffy creature walking in the park. We walked towards it, and it turned out to be a Pomeranian that had a panda makeover. It looked ridiculous, but Jessie loved it. The owner was nearby. She was friendly and let us pet the cute beast and her other, more shy dog.

Our ride arrived, and we took off to my place.

When we entered my house, she locked the door behind me. A very positive sign.

We sat on my cozy couch, and we cuddled a bit. I let her use her phone, and she started playing songs back to back, while I watched something on Netflix. We chatted a bit, and she placed her head on my thighs and looked up at me while talking endlessly. I grabbed her head and kissed her tiny lips.

She sat down, and I pulled her and we went into a full make-out session. Then she pushed me gently, "let me finish my songs."

I went for another kiss, and this time she climbed on top of me in a cowgirl position, and we started kissing and tonguing each other. She was thrusting her hips on my crotch. Then I lifted her and carried her to my bed. "I need to shower first," she said. I let her. "Stay with me," she said as she was scared of the blinking toilet bathroom that I forgot to fix.

She came out of the shower and asked me if I have a spare shirt she can wear. I give her one from my closet. She wore it and lied on the bed. I set with her some time, letting her enjoy the music on her phone, then I grabed her, climbed on top, removed the shirt I gave her, and started kissing her breast and stomach as she moaned. Her skin was the smoothest I've ever seen.

Then I removed her panty and started fingering her. She was extremely wet. it didn't take long before she said in a weak voice "put your cock in me". I did just that.

I fucked her for few minutes, before a cum inside. Again, no condoms. Dirty me.

She stayed the night. She was extremely cuddly and was holding me throughout the night as she slept.

The next day, I got a message from the Chinese girl from my first set.

First time a lead take initiative to text me.

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