December 10, 2023

Daygame Lessons from 2023

2023 wasn't quite a productive year in terms of daygaming, but I've learned quite a lot about myself and my daygame skills, and I'm writing about some of what I've discovered or observed.

LESSON 1: Long-term relationships can seriously affect your game progress

The biggest thing I've learned this year is that long-term relationships will easily hamper your progress if you aren't careful. It's one thing to date a girl, enjoy her company, the amazing sex, the good experience, but it's another thing to become emotionally attached to her to the degree that you prioritize her over your schedule (daygame, gym, etc).

Unfortunately, that's what I kinda did during my one-year-long relationship with a girl I met while daygaming. She never stood in my way, but she was so kind, so nice to me that I couldn't help but fall (a little bit) for her, as she did for me. Love.

I nonetheless never stopped daygaming, as our relationship wasn't too serious. However, my game drive and desire to hit the malls waned to the degree that I was going weeks without approaching.

But then, we broke up. A year later. And I was back single.

I was relieved, in a way, as now I had more time to focus on my bachelor pursuits, including daygame.

However, after returning to regular gaming, I saw a significant drop in results, compared to early 2022 (when I was dating 2-3 girls a month). What happened throughout 2023?

LESSON 2: Pay attention to your facial expressions

When I started daygame in 2020, everyone was masked up until the end of 2022. So basically, 90% of my daygame journey took place during a period of religiously practiced covid restrictions.

Surprisingly, self-fist pump, I managed to adapt to such unusual circumstances and game well enough to get results and lays.

But after covid cases dropped, and restrictions lifted, I found myself walking around in malls, mask-free. I was able to breathe better. But I kinda felt (exposed), as if I'm naked. That, nonetheless, didn't stop me from doing sets.

However, I noticed a major decline in the quality of numbers and dates. Numbers were either flaking or ghosting. Dates were... almost nonexistent, except for one with a Christian girl who wasn't interested in sex before marriage but was courteous enough to ask me out for dinner (to return the favor of paying for dinner on the first date).

The struggle continued for over 6 months, many approaches, several numbers, few replies, and only one date. Not really any daygamer's dream.

So the question is, how did it get to that?

My best guess is that the mask(s) I was wearing for almost 2 years were concealing my facial expressions, and that may have created a sense of mystery to my persona, as they can't read me by looking at my face.

That, in conjunction with hard work and improving calibration, had made me attractive enough to some of the girls I ran into.

But once the mask was off, they started seeing flaws that I wasn't aware of. It could be a fake smile, a nervous expression, or maybe a crooked nose 😂.

Though it's mostly likely due to my facial expressions not being incongruent with what I was saying or doing. Even if I was ugly (which I'm not), it wouldn't explain the unreasonable drop in results even with less attractive sets.

One thing I'm sure guilty of, though, is that I smile a lot both out of nervousness and also as a strategy to come off as friendly.

And sadly, it has carried over to my daygame. My strategy to get a girl to like me has become trying to appear as friendly as I can, through a smile and other means.

Smiling is an important element of seduction, but when it's used as a crutch or a tool, it often comes off as uncalibrated, insincere, or an expression of low value.

Something to work on!

LESSON 3: Your vibe is your most important asset

I can't emphasise this one enough. If you are happy, people will sense it. If you are stressed out, people will sense it. If you are exhausted, people will sense it. And no matter how hard you work, if you neglect your mental health, physical well-being, it will not only limit your progress in daygame but in every aspect in life.

How to create and maintain a good vibe?

For me, good vibe is synonymous with happiness, it doesn't come from nothing. Just like numbers, dates, and lays, it is a byproduct of leading a life of  BEING TRUE TO YOURSELF and WORKING HARD to maintain that identity. 

How do you stay true to yourself?

1. Never shy away from expressing your desires and wants both to yourself and to people:
  • Buy that car that you dreamt of that moment you can afford it
  • Ask for that salary increment that you deserved
  • When daygaming, before you open your mouth, make sure that your set sees it in your eyes that you wanna fuck her. And keep that intention alive until you finish inside her.

2. Never break a promise you made to to yourself or to others
  • If you decide to approach 100 girls this month, make sure that you fight tooth and nail to make that happen
  • If you promised someone or group of people of something (dinner, event, etc), make it happen at all cost, unless you in a hospital or totally incapacitated 

3. Never do something that will make you feel bad about yourself or self-worth
  • As per above, don't break promises you made to yourself as that will make you feel unreliable
  • Don't abuse alcohol, drugs or anything that will make you destroy the identity you worked hard to build
  • Prioritise your schedule and lifestyle over others as much as you can, or compromise without given away too much of your time


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